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Bamboo Screen & Gate
Diffrent from bamboo fence panel, A lovely bamboo screen with large diameter bamboo side supports and centre section of diagonal lattice work bamboo canes,Constructed from top grade bamboo,Chinese traditional pegged / rabbetted connection , or tied with decorative black hemp knots, Bamboo screen and room divider can be used indoors or outdoors in residential or any commercial facilities, Usually placed up to a building or wall to create a division, to partition an area for privacy or making an extra room. They can be folded and stored away easily when not in use. We have different designs and sizes to suit your screening need.
18"W X54"H 
18" X54" 
18" X54"H 
18" W X 54"H 
36"W  x 72" H
36"W  x 72"H
72"W x 72"H
BS-08 lattice bamboo
72" W x 72"H
72"W x 72" H
36"W  x 72" H        
         BS-11 bamboo sleeve fence
        24"/ 30"/ 36"W x 68" H
       BS-12 bamboo sleeve fence
     24"/ 30"/ 36" W x 68"H
BS-13 bamboo wing fence / gate
18"W x 48"H
  BS-14 bamboo gate
 18"W x 48"H
        BS-15 bamboo wing fence
           60"W X44" H   48"WX40"H
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