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Bamboo Border Edging 

BFS-10 enclosure fence
Dia25-30mm  48"/ 72"WX 12"H
BFS-11  uneven border edging natural black
Dia25-30mm  48"/ 72"WX 12"H
BFS-12 uneven border edging natural
Dia25-30mm  48"/ 72"WX 12"H
Bamboo border edging--low rolled fences have two types of regular and irregular height for straight or curved edges, The poles of BFS-10 were cutted to get inclined plane shape,BFS-11 was made of black bamboo.they are usually used as pedestrian control fencing, pathway divider, where foot traffic is directed away from fragile plants and flower. or as raised flower beds to enclose flower pots and plants , Poles are coated with lacquer to prolong life lasting up to 10-15 years in outdoors.It's realy an atractive edging for borders, beds, paths and drives .
Bamboo post and rail fences
40" x 24"H
40 " x 24"H
40"W x 24"H
Bamboo edging --post and rail fences combine the designs of both Eastern and Western landscape architecture. Rather than log wood, we use mature bamboo to construct our bamboo post and rail fences, they come in different sizes and you can order them in sections depending how much you need. Plus, they are easy to install and customize to meet your own requirements. Some items can use split half bamboo cap for stringers
Usually, we uses black nylon galvanized wire to to twist and tie slats/poles, but some customer require cyclone palm rope,copper wire,plastic fibre rope or abaca rope poles, to replace steel screw nail and steel wire.  cotter pin jiont is neccessary for some items.
These pre-built post and rail fence is easy to install, bamboo poles/slats posts or wood posts are recommended to support the fence. Black twine could be taken off for a different look as a second option.Post and rail is best to installed parallels to the sidewalk, would be an open expanse of lawn.It's a good choice for border walkways even for bamboo goat/sheep fence if we enlarge the size.
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